Verger Women's Leadership Initiative Celebrates at REACH Conference

Verger Capital Management proudly sponsored the 2024 REACH Women's Network Conference, held on March 6th in Winston-Salem, NC. This annual event is a highlight for members of our Verger Women's Leadership Initiative (VWLI), showcasing our commitment to women's empowerment, community engagement, and leadership development. Attended by members of VWLI including Miranda Edwards, Angie Jones, Liz Laughter, Madison Moses, Inge Smith, Tricia Walker, and Cathy Woodle, the conference provided a platform for networking, learning, and inspiration. It also offered the opportunity for the group to connect and celebrate International Women's Day together, a day globally recognized for celebrating the achievements and contributions of women. Verger's sponsorship of these events underscores our ongoing commitment to advancing gender equality and fostering an inclusive workplace culture.

Throughout the day, attendees participated in informative sessions, engaged with insightful leaders, and connected with peers from various backgrounds. Our presence at the conference reflects our belief in the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing to drive positive change. We are also grateful for the opportunity to engage with our community and constituents, connect with individuals from institutions we serve, and make new connections. These interactions further strengthen our ties to the community and reinforce our commitment to driving meaningful impact. Below are a few highlights from the day. 

  • REACH Womens Conference Panel_Confidence
  • REACH Womens Conference Booklet
  • VWLI celebrations


We are dedicated to championing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, both internally and externally. Our participation in events like the REACH Women's Network Conference underscores our unwavering support for advancing women's leadership and empowerment.



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