Verger in the Community: Winston-Salem Street School

Earlier this week, our team came together to prepare and serve a lunch for the students and staff of the Winston-Salem Street School (WSSS).  This private alternative high school serves at-risk students in the Greater Winton-Salem area who have struggled in a traditional school setting. The school’s mission is rooted in their belief in the transformative power of education for disenfranchised members of our society. At the WSSS, students have the opportunity to learn, grow, and earn an accredited diploma in a nurturing environment, ensuring those who are most at risk have access to the foundation of a high school education.

Members of the Verger Women’s Leadership Initiative, led by the Director of Marketing, Whitney Newell, helped organize the lunch, which consisted of homemade BBQ sandwiches, hot dogs, coleslaw, chips, and cookies. Other members of the team, including CEO/CIO Jim Dunn, pitched in to help deliver and serve lunch at the school, where the team was able to meet and visit with the students and staff. Jim even joined in a quick toss of the basketball with a couple of the students as lunch concluded.

As we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday this week, the Verger team is especially grateful for the opportunity to support such a wonderful non-profit and witness the important work they are doing in the Winston-Salem community.

The WSSS has an open sign-up for volunteers to bring lunch here on their website or you may make a donation here.

Whitney Newell, Craig Thomas, Jim Dunn, Liz Laughter, and Inge Smith Serve Lunch at the WSSS      Homemade BBQ sandwiches and hot dogs

Inge Smith, Jim Dunn, and Craig Thomas serving the students at the WSSS       Verger's CEO, Jim Dunn, joins the WSSS students for a little basketball


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