Verger Intern Spotlight: Fall 2023

In this latest edition of our Intern Spotlight Q&A series, we're pleased to highlight Verger's fall 2023 investment interns.

Meet The Interns

Crocker, Alyssa 2023 fall

Alyssa is a senior from Tampa, Florida studying Biology and minoring in Chemistry at Wake Forest University. She also participates in mentoring for Women in STEM and works in a research lab studying learning and cognition in snakes. In her free time, Alyssa enjoys running and is currently training for a half marathon. Following graduation this May, she will be working in management consulting in Washington, DC.


"After hearing about the asset management industry from peers at Wake Forest, I was inspired to learn more about finance and investing. I was curious about what investing looked like for large institutions like universities and hospitals. That interest led me to Verger, where I have learned so much about institutional investing and gained real-world experience.”

Alyssa Crocker

Sullivan, Megan 2023 fall

Megan is from Fairfield, Connecticut and is a sophomore at Wake Forest. She is an intended Finance major, and minoring in Entrepreneurship. Apart from school, she participates in Pre Wall Street Career Track at Wake Forest University, Women in Business Club and Virtual Peer Tutoring. In addition, she is a member of the Team Alumni Group for Connecticut Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership where she helps plan and facilitate a leadership seminar for high school sophomores. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outside either on walks or at the beach.


"I was first introduced to asset management through Pre Wall Street Career Track. My interest in pursuing a career in financial services sparked through conversations with peers and successful alumni. What specifically drew me to the field of asset management was client-oriented work. I decided to apply to the Verger internship to gain valuable hands-on learning experience and contribute to the mission statement of investing in the lives of others.”

Megan Sullivan

Sung, Nicole 2023 fall

Nicole is from Hong Kong and is a junior at Wake Forest University. She is pursuing majors in Finance and Computer Science. She is actively involved in the Wake Forest Investing Club and works as an RA and student technician. She loves to play golf, surf, ski, dive, and anything adventurous. She is looking forward to a surf camp in Spain and a diving experience in Belize next year. In the following summer, she will be an IB intern at Wells Fargo in Charlotte.


"During my sophomore year, I participated in Girls Who Invest, where I was introduced to the dynamic asset management industry, where I was very captivated by the diversity of asset classes and the intriguing concept of investing. Later in the Investing Club, I mainly focused on equity long-only pitches. The Verger internship provides an excellent opportunity to gain insights into institutional investors' perspectives and broaden my exposure to a wide array of asset classes."

Nicole Sung


What Was Your Favorite Project This Summer?

Each of the three interns affirmed that their favorite project was The Verger Intern Capstone Project. As Alyssa explained, "The Capstone Project was a great way to understand all of the work the investment team puts into selecting a manager. At the beginning of the project, we were given a list of 50 managers within a certain asset class. We narrowed down the list based on performance and other criteria. We met with representatives from the top firms, and ultimately made an investment recommendation to the team. It was a great learning experience."

Nicole added, "The Capstone Project provided a glimpse into the actual investment process. Working through it with the guidance of the investment team, I gained invaluable insights. Despite our small intern class of just three, the level of communication and coordination required for determining screening criteria, engaging in conversations with funds, and drafting the memo was substantial. It was such a valuable experience that we ultimately presented our findings in front of the entire team to showcase what we had learned."

Megan agreed, "I thoroughly enjoyed the Capstone Project because it allowed me to gain hands-on experience in the manager selection process and collaborate with various areas of the firm. Working alongside Taylor Jackson, Craig Thomas, Madison Moses, and the entire investment team was enlightening, offering insights into different asset classes and the diverse screening measures employed for manager selection. Our interactions with Jim Dunn were invaluable, aiding in our preparation for meetings with managers. Collaborating with the client relations team allowed us to delve into client-oriented aspects of asset management. The Capstone Project marked a significant shift in our roles as interns, allowing us to gain a greater level of independence and initiative."

How Has Your View of Asset Management Changed?

Nicole noted, "I've come to realize that an asset manager's role extends far beyond simply identifying the optimal investments. It encompasses ongoing equity monitoring, engaging in management meetings, and nurturing relationships. Furthermore, I've gained a profound understanding of the collaborative nature of this field. Throughout my internship, I was immersed in daily investment team discussions."

Alyssa added, "Before starting my internship at Verger, I saw asset management as purely quantitative. Now I know that it’s more than researching investments and running quant reports. Asset managers are responsible for maintaining good relationships with both clients and managers. It is important for them to spend time traveling to conferences, meeting with firms, and building their professional reputation. It is a much more personable field than I realized.”

Thank you to our talented fall interns for their many contributions. For more information about Verger's Internship Program, including how to apply, please visit our Careers page

Fall 2023 Intern Group Photo
Verger Fall Interns Megan Sullivan, Alyssa Crocker, and Nicole Sung.
Fall 2023 Interns at work
Megan, Nicole, and Alyssa working on their Capstone Project.

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