Jim Dunn Featured on 100 Women in Finance: Candid Conversations with CIOs

100 Women in Finance just released Episode 2 of "Candid Conversations with CIOs" featuring Jim Dunn and Paula Volent moderated by Rupal Bhansali. Some of our favorite moments include their thoughts on where they see opportunity, the unexpected background that makes a great investor, and what they are reading.

Amongst many great takeaways, Rupal outlined 10 key points that she found to be exceptionally valuable from Jim’s comments. Check out the top 5 here:

  1. Being an entrepreneur is like chewing glass – you can taste your own blood after a while, but you get to build the kind of firm you want to build
  2. You can only manage two things: fees and risks
  3. Our job is to separate talent from luck
  4. We don’t like managers who show up and throw up
  5. Look for anti-fragile opportunity - when things get hectic, we get stronger

See a clip of this compelling conversion here, and to view the full recording 100 Women in Finance members can listen to the rest of the discussion via the link below. We hope you will take a listen and let us know what you found most compelling!


View a recording of the event here.

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