Intern Spotlight: Todd Howard

Todd Howard is a recent graduate of North Carolina State University, where he studied Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.  Todd was first introduced to endowment management and non-profit investing through an internship with the Office of Investments at NCSU, and then with Bell Tower Capital Management as a financial analyst intern.  Through these experiences he developed a passion for investment analytics and management, so he continued to pursue similar opportunities which led him to Verger.  As a Verger intern, Todd worked with the investment team on several projects where he impressed us with his analytical skills, diligence, and engagement with all facets of the work.  Outside of finance, Todd enjoys watching sports, traveling, and spending time with friends.  He was a talented addition to the team, and we are pleased to highlight him in our Intern Spotlight Q&A series.


What was your favorite project you worked on?


My favorite project was a quantitative evaluation I did on a macro manager because my work was being used to aid the team’s investment decisions.  I also enjoyed the work I did alongside the investment team on manager due diligence and participating in manager meetings.  It allowed me to sharpen my interpersonal skills when dealing with clients or investors and I saw how important it is to ask thoughtful questions and document them.  It was really valuable for me to see how those connections can impact what goes into sourcing opportunities and gaining access to capacity constrained managers, especially in alternative investments.  

What have you learned about workplace culture that you will take to your next experience?

I thoroughly enjoyed the culture at Verger even though it was an online experience because of the pandemic.  I admired the team-oriented structure where we learned from each other.  I also appreciated that I was able to ask questions and was seen as a valuable member of the team.  I will keep that mindset of seeing value in a variety of viewpoints and from different positions.

What skills did you learn at Verger that you are most excited to apply to future opportunities?

I learned a lot about the analysis of different types of funds at Verger, including private equity, absolute return, fixed income, and other asset classes.  Through my work researching and compiling sensitive data, I gained more appreciation for how valuable those skills are and will take that with me as I progress in my career.  I was also lucky to learn about the team’s investment philosophy which focused on providing consistent returns while limiting drawdowns.  The focus on this philosophy and the larger objectives to serve their clients gave me an appreciation for keeping the goals and mission of an organization top of mind. 


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