Intern Spotlight: Brennan Saul

Brennan Saul is a recent graduate of Wake Forest University, having received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics this month and is looking forward to starting his new job as an Investment Analyst for Cambridge Associates in their Dallas office shortly.

Prior to joining Verger as an ESG focused intern during the spring of 2021, Brennan used his leadership skills and his affinity for detail oriented, analytical work as an intern with Summer Associate in the Disputes and Economics practice at Ankura and as a Portfolio Analyst at Mission Measurement Social Capital. He also served as a Career Assistant in the Office of Professional and Career Development at Wake Forest. When asked why he chose to work with Verger during his last semester, he stated “I was interested in interning with Verger because it offered the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in investment management, to develop my research, analysis, and communication skills, to deepen my knowledge of ESG, and to learn and gain mentorship from industry experts.” Besides contributing meaningful work, Brennan enjoys cooking, watching movies, and playing soccer with his friends. He was a great asset to our team, and we are so glad to have him as part of our ongoing Intern Spotlight Q&A Series.

What was your favorite project you worked on?

My favorite project that I worked on was researching and analyzing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments and policies among asset management industry leaders. This project allowed me to build a strong foundational understanding of how outsourced chief investment officers think about ESG factors on a firm level and in their interactions with managers. I was able to present my findings to the team which I found very rewarding as this work is being used in Verger’s ongoing ESG initiatives.

What part of Endowment and Foundation asset management did you find most compelling?

The aspect of Endowment and Foundation asset management that I found most compelling was that all of Verger’s clients have their own mission and through serving them the firm is helping them to achieve their goals. The ability to help colleges, foundations, and other non-profit organizations maximize their impact on the world and continuing the organization’s legacy is very meaningful.

Are there specific areas of financial management that you are more interested in pursuing?

Long-term, I’m interested in pursuing a career in sustainable and impact investing. My passion for this industry lies in the fact that it holds the potential to shift systems and drive positive change on the causes of social and environmental problems. Institutional investors, as the managers of substantial sums of money, hold the key to long-term and meaningful change that can only arise once a shift toward a more equitable and sustainable economy is recognized. I would love to be a part of the movement in allocating capital toward reducing climate change, poverty, and other global issues, while allowing investors to reap the financial benefits of doing good.

What skills did you learn at Verger that you are most excited to apply to future opportunities?

While interning at Verger, I was able to strengthen my networking skills and my ability to build professional relationships. A recurring piece of advice that I received from the Verger team was to focus on networking with people that work in positions I’m interested in, and I was able to apply this advice during my internship to better understand my future career aspirations and the steps that I can take now to achieve those goals. In addition to being crucial for my personal career development, my time at Verger allowed me to experience first-hand the value of effective communication and relationship building in the finance world. This is definitely a skill that I plan to use throughout my career and am thankful that I was exposed to its importance through this internship.

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