Board member governance

Questions for Non-Profit Board Members

Board members are pivotal to the success of non-profit endowments and foundations, as their decisions concerning governance, finance, and investments can have a lasting impact on the institution. The careful selection and onboarding of board members, trustees, and committee members can significantly shape the trajectory of an organization. In our experience working with the boards of independent schools, higher ed, healthcare, and cultural foundations, we have found that there is a list of essential questions that every board member should address, along with one question the institution should be prepared to answer. For our complete list of questions and a discussion of why each matters, download our "Critical Questions for Non-Profit Boards: Enhancing Impact and Governance" resource guide below. 

We include the following questions for board members:

  1.  Do you have a clear understanding of and a strong commitment to the institution's mission and vision?
  2.  What unique perspectives or expertise do you bring to your role?
  3.  What are the factors or principles that inform your perspective or decision-making as a board member, including your biases?
  4.  How do you plan to actively contribute to board discussions and decision-making processes?

In addition to the questions above, we provide thoughtful insights into what topics and discussion points to address with prospective or existing board members. We explore why mission alignment is critical, how there are multiple ways board members can bring expertise to benefit the institution, and why you should ask about decision-making and biases.


Download the full "Enhancing Impact & Governance" resource guide


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